Be Circle or Be Square
Practicing composition and layout with circles and squares.
My Role
Make 3 iterations of graphics using simple colors, circles, and squares on 3 frames with different ratios.
My Roles:
Personal Project
2020 Fall — Ongoing
Just Me :D
“A simple thing you can practice everyday.”
A friend of mine sent me a video of an artist sharing the “advice that changed his life”. Here’s the link

The artist basically tells you to focus on something simple you can do daily & easily, and it will become profound. So I was like, “you know what, I want to improve my layout and composition skills, and playing with circles & squares seems the most doable thing for me”.

I started out with square, 1920x1080, and iPhone 8 frames and just used a warm gray and yellowish white to keep things simple. The aesthetic was inspired by my favorite motion agency called “Ordinary Folk”.
Reflection & Going Forward
The circles and squares are actually quite profound.
As I worked on these, I saw that even just with very simple grayscale and ⚫ and ⬛, a world and stories can be made and emotions can be expressed. I realized a square can become a universe, a child, a room, etc.

After creating some more iterations, I am planning to animate them. For every single one of these variations, I could see them moving and got really excited for that part of the project.