Motion Lead: Fashion Show
Directing and designing all motion assets for  the largest fashion show in Pittsburgh.

***some contents are not visible at the moment because the show is still on its way! contact me for further info :D ***
My Role
I worked with Print, Web, and PR teams, building and leading a team of 6 motion designers to:
My Roles:
Lead Motion Designer
2020 Fall-Spring
Eileen Lee
Elizabeth Wang
Franklin Gutman
Hannah Cai
Sammie Kim
Yoshi Torralva
This year’s theme into a series of visuals with the Print Team and the Web Team.
Static & animated assets for various parts of the show and advertisements.
Assets with other teams in a manner usable for various purposes.
COLLECTIVA is about eusociality, which means systems of different scales existing within each other.
We looked at different systems for inspirations such as our bodies, railroads, and nature. During this phase, as the head of motion, it was crucial that I clarify the executabability of visual concepts of my team to others.
This year, the fashion show was made up of 4 phases (Recruitment + phase 1-3). Below are the motion assets for each of them. The deliverables motion had to produce were promotional videos, background graphics for the show, and assets for the print and the web team to use.
Recruitment Video
Promotional video including clips from previous years to remind & encourage application for models and designers.
First Wave (in progress)
Light reveal of the theme that gives a sense of build up towards the show. We were trying to show complex systems existing inside a simpler looking one.
Second Wave (in progress)
More exposure of the theme with animation closer to that of the final version.
Final Show (in progress)
These are graphics that will be shown in the background as the models walk for each line. Each of the pieces are its own environment, being another layer of system within.
Difficulties & Workarounds
Remotely collaborating on a 3D motion project wasn't easy, but here are some ways I dealt with it.
Team’s unfamiliarity with the tool
→ Tutorials & Templates
Knowing that many members are not familiar with the main tool used for 3D animation, I created a doc with basics tutorials, demos, and customized template files.
No realtime collective 3D workspace
→ Png Renders & Figma
There are no 3D platforms like Figma that let’s people collaborate on a same document realtime. However, I wanted the team to still ideate together .

I created pngs of 3D assets and brought them over to Figma. Then we played around with the files collectively by changing the scale, layout, and angles.
Working with other teams
→ Thinking a bit ahead
This is a giant project with over 50 people working together, and many times the teams didn’t know exactly what motion could do, which made it difficult for them to ask for what they needed from us. This made me and the team think more in other teams’ shoes.
Through this project, I could find out more about my passion for immersive experiences, as well as learning how to provide resources in a way that makes picking up a tool easier for others.

My favorite part was trying to bring the fashion designers’ ideas into life in a 3D space. It was challening, but was super rewarding, especially when I saw their happy reactions.

Something I wish that could’ve been better is the tool we were using. Cinema 4D took so much time to render even the smallest changes, unless the person had the right equipments. I think if that were not the case, my team members could’ve had much more fun.