Physical to Digital

Physical Interactions with Digital Environments
Project Overview
This is an ongoing series of my explorations using different mediums to make the digital more tangible. I have been using TouchDesigner and After Effects to create and tweak realtime representation of physical action.
Time Tilt
I connected the accelerometer data of my iPhone to the time input of the island. Depending on how much I tilt my phone, the seasons and the landscape that is display changes back and forth. I used TouchDesigner to create this interaction.
Vapor or Sweat?
I got my webcam to pick up my silhouette in front of a dark background, and created particles from the geometry of my body. The shine and music were added as a post effect. I used TouchDesigner for the initial footage and After Effects for sound reactive shine effect.
Stars at My Fingertip
As part of Tesla pop up project, I created a prototype for the interaction I ideated. I wanted an interaction where people can feel as if they are creating stars. I coded this interaction through p5.js and displayed it on a touch screen for people to be able to experience it.