Sunlit Night

Tesla's Brand Experience
Project Overview
2019 fall, I designed a brand experience for Tesla, called Sunlit Night for a studio project. An interactive pop-up structure represents Tesla's pursuit towards sustainable society, where visitors can collectively create constellations. Also I created a logo motion graphic for Tesla for fun.
Solo Project
I researched and analyzed characteristics of Tesla, both perceived and intended. Then I ideated and visualized the experience. I was responsible for the entirety of this project: user research, analysis, 3D modeling, prototyping.
Online Forums /
I began by attempting to understand the audience, existing products, visual language, and the values of Tesla. I went through various online forums and Telsa’s customer reviews and well as articles for information. Below is an organization of research and key insights found.
The research led to 3 major key insights, and I realized that I need to create an experience that:

1. Emphasizes the Tesla's focus on sustainable society as a whole, not just for the affluent.
2. Display the capability of Tesla's solar products in an elegant and trustworthy manner.
Interaction Ideation
The interactions I came up with were mainly with the focus on the emotions of welcoming, comfort, and wonder. After going through a few ideas, I decided to choose "star creation".

I thought the interaction is appropriate in displaying solar products' capability and well as amplifying positive intention with the idea of creating stars from visitors' fingertips.
Form Exploration
I also went through exploring forms for different iterations using various tools for inspirations from sketching to origami, 3D printing, and laser cutting.
Final Prototyping
After deciding the star-creation as the main interaction. I used p5.js and a touch screen to visualize the interaction. I wanted to provoke an emotion of serene wonder in this process.
Form Decision
I chose a structure where Tesla's solar energy products can be easily seen as well as feel welcoming. It was inspired by modern curves of Tesla's vehicles the brand is known for.
Final Poster