Hi there, I'm Danny (창준)🐯

I’m a UX and motion designer — mainly 3D animations, but also 2D too! With immersive experiences, I want to bring awe and joy by creating different worlds through metaphors in interactions and visuals.
2D / 3D Motion Design
Designing for immersive & awe-provoking experience for the drivers
Konrad Group
UX Design Intern
Understanding clients' needs and creating digital solutions
Environment Design · Accessibility
How can we better educate ourselves about how to interact with people with blindness & low-vision around us?
Lunar Gala 2021
3D Animation · Head of Motion
How do I lead a team and collaborate with others to create sick animations for a fashion show?
Be Circle or be Square
Composition · Graphic Design
Who knew black and white, circle and square had so much umami and room to play with?
On the Other Side
VR · Immersive Environment
How can we take the audience through an immersive journey with awe, fear, and relief?
Fairer Gig-Driving
HCI Research · UX & UI
How can we better educate ourselves about the blind and low-vision people around us?
TH Experiential
Virtual Events · Internship
Normal online meetings are boring. How can we make online meetings and events a bit more interesting?